Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Angel Dog

Many of us believe in angels. And when we think of angels, most of us probably picture them as being "human" in form. But is it possible for an animal to be an angel? I think so, and here is the story.

In 2004, when my youngest daughter was just 3, we moved to Florida. We hadn't been in our new home for more than a few weeks. One morning while I was getting ready for the day, my oldest daughter came into the bathroom to see what I was doing. I asked her where her sister was and she said: "I don't know, I thought she was with you." At this point, we begin to look for her. We noticed the front door was wide open!

We roused my husband from in front of the TV and began to look frantically for her. For whatever reason, upon leaving the house, she decided to discard all of her clothes minus the pull-up. So now we know that not only has she wondered off, she is almost naked! We also noticed that our then 5 year old black lab, Sammie, was gone as well. 

We began calling and calling for Catherine. Suddenly in the distance we heard a little voice say: "I over here, sissy!" She had gone down a few houses and across the street to a neighbors. This particular neighbor had 2 very large guard dogs. I was panicked to think what they might do to her. Looking across the street, we could see her sitting on their front porch with our black lab sitting guard right next to her! 

Instead of taking the opportunity to explore her new surroundings or snoop through someone's trash, she stayed with Catherine. She knew that her job was to protect a member of her pack and no one and nothing could keep her from doing it. For this she earned her "Angel" badge and will forever have a special place at the foot of our bed!

Now it's your turn. Share your animal angel story with us. We would love to hear it! Better yet, upload a picture of your favorite angel so we can see him/her as well.

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